Ja Morant made it out the mud by tirelessly shooting on crooked rims, jumping on tractor tires, and dribbling through traffic cones in the steamy South Carolina heat. His skills as a high school baller only brought him so far—it took an unmatched inner hunger to make the world see what he was capable of.

When Ja wasn’t picked first string at an elite summer camp, that might have been the end of his hoops career. But that’s not how this story goes. He kept putting in work in an out-of-the-way gym, grinding in the shadows. All Ja needed was the right person to see his skills. The rest is history.

Contrasting colors on the Ja 1 “Hunger” represent the endless determination and stroke of luck that, combined, led to Ja’s big break. Like every Ja 1, this pair is molded to maximize hang time while maintaining stability and firm cushioning. You get the necessary on-court control that lets you respond quickly for verticality—so you can rise up when no one expects it.

The Nike SNKRS app has the Ja 1 “Hunger” listed for a 25th of May release.

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