Did London just get its own Air Max 95?

After an exclusive early Sneakrs app reserve/pick up release last week, this weekend sees the ‘110 Edition Air Max 95 get a wider drop via London’s Foot Patrol and on Nike’s Sneakrs app.

Celebrating the youthful London term for the Air Max 95’s popularity in the late 90’s suburbs, The ‘110’ edition comes fully decked out in homage to the UK’s defunct £10 note, which refers to the £110 price tag of the original shoe’s retail price.

The 110 Edition is detailed to the Max (pun intended) with all the colours seen on the £10 note. The upper in premium suedes, nubuck, and leather really stand out. The old english type on the footbed makes it somewhat UK -centric, and the silver heel strip even plays alongside the £10 notes anti-counterfeit silver strip. It’s all very nicely rounded off with a bold, orange hued Air Unit updated with a date stamp stating AM19952020. It’s all very tastefully executed and for our money, its un-officially as close to a London edition Air Max 95 as we’ve seen. ..And for it’s worth we’re really digging it. The not so good news perhaps is that only 1995 pairs will be available. So best not hang around…

For release information, raffle sign ups, see Foot Patrol’s site here, also available via Nike Sneakrs app.

Nike Air Max 95 ‘110’ RRP £110…

Happy hunting.

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