Lineups, bots, raffles and backroom connections are all good ways to get your hands on the latest sneaker drop. But Solebox is offering up the BEST way to get your hands on a new sneaker drop, a treasure hunt. Maps, clues and shovels seem like a great way to earn your sneakers. Sadly, you have to be in Berlin to participate.

Hit Solebox for details on participation.

We found a secret treasure from 1985 on an abandoned site in Berlin and we will give our community the opportunity to dig up this treasure with us on Saturday, February 8, 2020. 

To celebrate the release of one of the most anticipated Air Jordan releases of 2020 we teamed up with Jordan brand to equip our raffle winners with a branded spade, overall and helmet and let them dig up their grail!

Make sure to check our blogpost for detailed information on the upcoming quest. There will be a lot of specials on-site.

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