Find the Concepts x Nike KYRIE 6 on Nike SNKRS and select House Hoops locations on the 10th of January.

Kyrie Irving may have moved from Concepts’ home city, but the connection between him and the pioneering streetwear store continues in 2019 with a duo of new models, the Concepts x KYRIE 6 Khepri and the kids-exclusive Concepts x KYRIE 6 Golden Mummy.

The collaboration between brand and player began in 2017 with iterations of the KYRIE 4 playing off Irving’s love of Nike SB Concepts’ famous lobster Dunks. Last year, starting with the Concepts x KYRIE 5 Ikhet and Concepts x KYRIE 5 Orion’s Belt, the relationship matured, with Irving and the Concepts team creating an Egyptian-themed set of colorways connected to the idea of the all-seeing eye.

The Egyptian theme continues in 2019 with the Khepri. An Egyptian solar diety represented by the scarab beetle, Khepri, the god of creation, is associated with resurrection — explicitly known for rolling the sun above the horizon each morning and carrying it through the other world after sunset. The word “Khepri” also means “to transform,” a thematically fitting truth for Irving’s continual development.

While Deon Point, Concepts Creative Director, wanted to continue investigation of Egyptian mythology with the Kyrie 6, he also made a conscious decision to maintain an open narrative. “We were prepared for a move away from Boston, and in a weird way our story falls in line with the shift,” says Point. “The cool thing with Khepri, aside from being associated with a beetle, is that the figure is associated with daily renewal and the ability to live each day.”

The color tones of the shoe, pink and blue, match the morning sun against the desert sand. The colors of the sole are modeled after one of the most expensive scarab beetle ever sold.

“I know Kyrie is deep into history, and obviously a very intelligent man, and I think the story resonated with him,” says Point. “Working with Kyrie is one of the rare instances of us working with three parties simultaneously. He’s so dialed in. It’s really tough for us to bring our best to the table and make sure he’s happy with it.”

Working with Kyrie is one of the rare instances of us working with three parties simultaneously. He’s so dialed in.Deon Point, Concepts Creative Director

For the kids-exclusive Concepts x KYRIE 6 Golden Mummy, the cycle of history manifests in a colorway that simultaneously pays homage to Concepts’ founding in 1996 and the discovery of the Valley of Mummies (an event that spurred a revival of interest in Egyptian history) that same year. Metallic gold finishes reference the riches within the tombs, while a series of hieroglyphs remind how much more there is to be written as the future unfolds.

The Concepts x KYRIE 6 Khepri launch exclusively for game-day ticket holders December 26 at the Nets’ Featured on Flatbush store. A wider release follows December 27 via Concepts and January 10 on the SNKRS app and at select House of Hoops locations. 

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