Few people know the story of the 1975 Roswell Rayguns, that year’s laughing stock of the ABA. The team struggled until mid-season, when something very strange happened. A time-traveling funk ship arrived in Roswell, and out walked Dr. Funk and his line-up of mid-2000’s all-stars, stylin’ and profilin’, to join the team and absolutely dominate the ABA. In addition to all the talk around the futuristic basketball skills of the Rayguns’ new lineup, the league was buzzing about their Dunks, which, rumor has it, were developed deep within a top-secret Nike testing facility in 2005.

Released at the height of Nike SB’s Pink Box era, this iconic SB Dunk was the official time-traveling team shoe of the Rayguns. The legendary raygun-toting alien mascot returns on the lateral heel to add fear to the eyes of any unworthy opponents. This black version means the Rayguns are the home squad, but word is they’re winning either way. Also, the OG’s solid orange upper is swapped for a tie-dye pattern on this heritage colorway. The new pattern serves as a fitting tribute to the late Nike SB legend, Sandy Bodecker, who so often wore a Rayguns hoodie with this tie-dye pattern.

The Nike SB Dunk Low “Roswell Rayguns” will release in Europe on the 27th of December on the SNEAKRS app. Then on the 28th of December, the sneaker will hit North America on the SNKRS app.

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