The Nike Air Max 270 React “Dragonfly” will receive its size? exclusive release on the 27th of December. Find the kicks on and at select size? locations.

Say hello to our Nike Air Max 270 React ‘Dragonfly’.

As the name suggests, our insect-inspired iteration is modelled on the surprisingly stunning body of a dragonfly. The silhouette’s unique no-sew upper comes coloured with a lush blue base, offset by splashes of glistening green and silver to the tongue.

Those of you who are new to the 270 React’s midsole, won’t be familiar with the joys of its sole-cradling cushioning unit.

Wondering what this feels like? Well, if you were to give Nike React foam a good squeeze, you’d get that satisfying spongy sensation. And then, as you released, you’d witness the foam instantly bouncing back to its original shape.

This tech works so well when you’re out walking or running as the spring-like midsole provides constant support underfoot. 

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