Nike SB has teamed up with Oskar Rozenberg-Hallberg, better known as Oski, to introduce the skater’s first Orange Label Collection. Weaving a Swoosh shark design throughout the shoes and apparel, Oski intentionally employs the king of the ocean as a representation of mastering any skill. 

“I’ve always been intimidated of sharks,” says Oski. “They look so brutal and they move so skillfully through the water. They are the kings of their environment in my eyes. One of my favorite animals and just really iconic looking. I feel like if you can do anything as effortless as a [shark] can swim, you’re doing it right.”

The apparel and Blazer from the Nike SB x Oski collection will launch on the 14th of December. Then on the 21st of December the Dunk SB will drop. Since the kicks are part of the Nike SB Orange Label, they are exclusive to skate shops. The release dates are global.

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