Sneakersnstuff is proud to announce the opening of Sneakersnstuff Tokyo – the first SNS store to open up in Asia – on December 14, 2019 located on Log Road in Daikanyama. The highlighted features of the Sneakersnstuff Tokyo location is the store encompassing three buildings with retail stores and an SNS Café.

Following the Sneakersnstuff design and architecture ethos of being inspired and influenced by the country, city and neighborhood the store is in, mixed with the Swedish and Scandinavian heritage and background, the new SNS Tokyo space looks to the traditional as well as contemporary Japan reflected in the interiors. 

SNS Tokyo is designed together with Jenny Askenfors of Bofink Design, who’s the lead designer for all SNS design and architecture. The store decor features handcrafted and handmade furniture by Swedish and European artists and furniture makers, beautiful and unique colorways, traditional Japanese heritage materials, 3D printed pieces and more which will be presented and shown at the store opening on December 14th. 

Sneakersnstuff key brands, collaborations as well as custom SNS Tokyo products will be available at the opening of SNS Tokyo.

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