The idea behind Nike By You (formerly Nike iD) is to see Nike sneakers as blank canvases that you can color with creativity, only constrained by the palette of materials and colors that Nike provides.

Traditionally, your designs were limited to yourself. Yes, you could share them on social media and people would see them on the street. This allowed people to rock your style but you were not involved.

Nike is changing that. With the NBY x Cultivator series, Nike allows you to promote your colorway on Not just that, they give you the sneaker that you created for free! Then you promote it on social media. Where you direct people to an individual sales page where you talk about the kicks and brand yourself and push a cause (many of the designs have a social and/or political message). And to top it off, you get a percentage of every sale for your design.

And Nike gives you help with each step of the process.

The catch is that you have to be in the USA to apply and they don’t take everyone who applies. Currently, only 37 people have their designs for sale.

Also, the drops have a limited window of availability to the general public. The current crop will be gone from in just over a week.

Here, we get a look at what photographer Mark Lopez created, the Nike Air Max 1 “Por La Familia”…

 I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my family. Each color symbolizes a part of my life and where I’ve come from. The pink represents the women who raised me. The red and green are a symbol of my Mexican heritage and the gold accent on the back of the shoe represents the “Coat of Arms” in the Salvadorian flag.

Buy Mark’s Air Max 1 and check out the full collection at US.

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