Nike Sportswear is launching three “concept-driven” labels this month: N. 354, THE10TH and D/MS/X. We will keep you posted with developments for each sub label.

With N. 354, THE10TH and D/MS/X, Nike Sportswear celebrates Nike’s legacy in experimentation, utilitarian problem-solving and vanguard style, respectively. Each of these three new footwear lines is grounded by a defining design vernacular, and their resulting collections, which include a mix of classic and fresh silhouettes, carry an aesthetic continuity.


Prior to his celebrated tenure as Oregon track and field coach, Bill Bowerman served in the 10th Mountain Division of the United States Army, which specializes in conquering mountainous and arctic conditions. 

Overt expressions of utility and a hint of outdoor know-how characterize shoes designed under THE10TH. Well-loved and new Nike silhouettes alike take on clear, functional features to deliver everything you need to tackle the rugged realities of everyday life — whatever your path. 

N. 354

Within the Department of Nike Archives sits a vast cache of prototypes. Each represents a trial — an initial attempt at solving an athletic problem. Some of these experiments, like the Huarache bootie, quickly evolved into famous Nike silhouettes, while it took others — including the first Shox — more than a decade to go from the first try to finished product. 

Now, the archives are serving another purpose: the starting point for N. 354. Together, DNA’s collected items are used to spark new ideas that explore and push the boundaries of footwear design. Simultaneously standing for the past, present and future, the mark encourages an unapologetic celebration of raw ingenuity.   


The intersection between the rebellious spirit of sport and the defining tenor of the time can shake up an industry. Capturing and translating the zeitgeist and marrying functional excellence to an audacious spirit can define an era. 

To keep Nike’s leading edge, D/MS/X looks to the fringes of sport (think, for example, urban motocross) for inspiration and remixes classic and new Nike silhouettes to find cutting-edge aesthetics rooted in the now.

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