Streetwear label Bandulu is the designer behind this edition of the Nike KYRIE 5. Bandulu brings a unique perspective to the performance basketball sneaker. Here is how Bandulu describes their overall approach to design…

Bandulu means fake, bootleg, ghetto. Like that white tee from Marshall’s with the name of some couturier, screenprinted in gold. That little bit of luxury gives clothing a story, with or without vanity. Bandulu believes in adding this quality to the clothes of our world, through upcycling and craftsmanship. Bandulu takes quality, vintage clothing and rejuvenate life into them through hand embellishments. Quality therefore becomes less about reputation, and more about integrity. You know its real if its fake.

The design features a beige upper on a red sole with avocado green on the lining and tongue. The style of the sneaker is then accented with the application of colorful stain patterns.

Look for the kicks to release in the near future. Stay with us for updates.

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