Nike Running’s lineup of performance runners is adding a trail option for its Pegasus line.

Here is how Nike describes the sneaker…

With a fresh look and new performance features, the versatile crossover trainer is back for the first time since it was introduced in the 2000s. 

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail builds off the heritage of the favored Pegasus, offering the same shape, fit and feel of the road runner. 

Unique to this model:

-An entirely new mesh upper that vents during sweaty runs or puddle encounters.

-Durable skins on high-wear areas such as the forefoot and heel protect from rubs with twigs and rocks.

-The forefoot and heel also have separate Zoom Air units for responsiveness and stability on uneven paths.

-The outsole is lined with enlarged lugs that have flat tops to provide better traction on wet or loose ground -and offer an easy transition from trail to road.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Trail will launch globally on the 13th of June. However, if you are member of NikePlus Europe, you can order them now.

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