There are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, there are four “horsemen” knight chess pieces and there are four friends who call themselves the horsemen. One of those friends is LeBron James and his clique is the inspiration for the latest colorway of his sneaker, the Nike LeBron 16.

LeBron always acknowledges that it takes a strong team to be successful. That goes not only for winning championships, but also for venturing into new territories off the court. The LeBron 16 ‘Horsemen’ commemorates an Air Force 1 inspired by a group of friends-turned-business associates who strive for greatness together.

The chess themed sneaker is part of the limited LeBron Watch series according to Nike News, the Nike LeBron 16 “Horsemen” will launch globally at select shops on the 23rd of May. But the sneaker is currently listed on Nike’s SNKRS app as sold out.

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