Designed by Tom Sachs and nicknamed “March Yard,” the Mars Yard Overshoes are shoes designed for March, the most inclement weather in New York. Speaking of March, it is the late winter season when your feet get cold and wet because of rain or melted snow. A wear test is repeated to cope with this period, and the latest version with improvements and improvements has appeared. Designed based on the Mars Yard 2.0, the Mars Yard overshoes incorporate a number of details and updates for the end of the winter.
Dyneema upper reinforced with nylon protects feet from bad weather.
If you loosen the upper using the cord toggle, you can wear it indoors with the upper lowered. Fidlock’s magnetic ladder lock buckle enhances the feeling of fixation. The outsole features a highly adhesive rubber and a new tread pattern to create optimal traction even under harsh conditions.

Tom Sachs’ Nike Mars Yard Overshoe is launching in Japan on Friday, the 26th of April through

In Tokyo, Tom Sachs’ “Tea Ceremony” exhibition is currently on display, which includes his take on the Solarsoft Sandal.

In addition to the Mars Yard Overshoe, Sachs will also be launching his Exploding Poncho in Japan over the weekend too.

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