Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a classic 90s era comedy that propelled Jim Carrey from TV star to movie star. Patrick Ewing has chosen to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary by creating and edition of the 33 Hi.

To build the sneaker, Ewing Athletics teamed with sneaker customizer Mache275.

The film is set in Florida and key plot point involves the Miami Dolphins NFL team. Thus the sneaker is accented with the team’s aqua and orange palette. Referencing the title character’s wardrobe, the upper is fitted with a Hawaiian shirt print. Contrasting the bold print, grey is placed on the midsole, tongue and alligator textured heel. Adding further texture to the heel, “FINKLE/EINHORN” (a reference to the “Einhorn is a man” scene) is embroidered over the alligator pattern leather.

Complete with Ace Ventura detailing on the tongue, the sneaker will release sometime in May. Check Ewing Athletics for availability.

via hypebeast

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