Celebrating harmonious coexistence through the power of sports, Düsseldorf based Afew has teamed with the city’s Fortuna football club and Japanese sneaker maker Mizuno to create the “Heimat” pack.

The city offers a multi-faceted population, a multicultural population, a cosmopolitan population. The big theme of this collaboration is “HEIMAT” Eng. Home. We are honored to take part in this project. Especially in current times, we want to show and represent a city and a family where every culture is welcome, where everyone lives together peacefully. And the best way to represent your hometown is to show it through your local sports club.


The collection is composed of the Morelia football boot, Sky Medal sneaker, a t-shirt and a scarf.

All of these items have of course the colorway of the football club. To represent a multicultural Düsseldorf and its inhabitants properly, we create a graphic, where “HEIMAT” is written down in more than 30 different languages.
This “international Heimat” graphic is found on each collaboration item. In addition, we combine the AFEW and the Fortuna Düsseldorf Logo. The result isthe AF95EWlettering. The F95 is Fortuna’s very own logo, which refers to their foundation in 1895. We also designed a graphic made of a “95” and a “12”. In football, the number “12” is meant for the supporters and fans.


The collection will launch in-shop on the 20th of April at AFEW. Remaining pieces will go online via a raffle.

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