Sneaker shop Sneakerbaas is working with KangaROOS to style two editions of the Coil-R1 as the Windmill Pack.

The pack is inspired by a fable…

Every day before sunrise the miller would walk to work: an eye-catching green, yellow and red sawmill. The miller worked there with joy and pride. He loved his life and his job more than anything. Before walking home each night, he would stop and talk with the turtle who lived in a nearby pond. Every day the miller seemed prouder than the day before.

However, one day the miller went home without uttering a word to the turtle, his face filled with anger. The following day, feeling concerned for his friend, the turtle approached the mill to find it overwhelmed with birds. With his mill in despair, the miller looked on in shock and panic. Eventually, the miller snapped and began placing sharp blades on the wings of the mill. He wanted to kill the birds so that they would never threaten him again. Miraculously it worked! Dead birds began falling from the skies as the miller cheered with delight.

Slowly, the miller returned to his beloved mill. He was overjoyed. Each evening after work the miller would visit his friend the turtle, and each evening they would laugh and smile together.

For the pack, Sneakerbaas has dedicated one pair for the Dead Birds (Deadly Black & Bloody Pink) and one for The Turtle (Sapphire Green & Parchment Yellow). Both sneakers are handmade in Germany, limited to 200 pairs globally.

Housed in special boxes with extra laces, the KangaROOS Coil-R1 “Dead Birds” and “The Turtle” will launch exclusive to Sneakerbaas on the 12th of April. Get them in-shop at noon and then online at 18:00 (6:00 PM) local time.

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