You’re forgiven for feeling that hit of nostalgia when checking out this Nike Shox R4. The Shox model is one of a few distinctive things for sneaker heads. If you’re old enough, they are likely a reminder of a time when you couldn’t afford this shoe. In fact, Shox were some of the most expensive models Nike put out as part of their runner collections.

Now, we see something of a renaissance of this OG design. It returns to us as part of a larger revival, kicking things off with this edition of the Nike Shox R4. This visual scheme presents in a Black based upper with sweeping sections of Metallic Silver. As usual with the Shox pistons on the heel, we see a splash of color. In this case, it’s a bright Max Orange.

You might not take them out on your morning runs, but it’s a nice reminder that you’ve grown a bit and can afford these shoes now. Flex a little.

Get your piece of the come-back, available now at Sole What!

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