It’s very difficult to get the chunky sneaker trend right these days. Sure, you can take some old-school uppers and throw them on an efficient midsole set-up. Heck, you can even add some wonky colours. But, it’s just hard to stand out while maintaining the same sense of chunky visuals. Enter the Mizuno Wave Rider 1.

Mizuno isn’t a brand you’re liable to see very often at sneaker conventions. In fact, you’re more likely to spot the company’s logo on a tennis racket than on any kicks. However, that lack of hype belies the consistent quality designs they put out when it comes to footwear.

The Wave Rider 1 is in an OG mix of synthetics, mesh underlays, and leather accents throughout. That considerate upper design is matched by a midsole that is in a traditional rubber construction.

It’s a surprisingly springy ride wearing these, and that Grey scheme doesn’t do it any harm either. Check out the Mizuno Wave Rider 1 at Allike today!

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