The adidas T-Mac Millennium “Collegiate Royal” is a welcome trip back in time. Unlike an occasion where we’d be talking about the Chuck Taylors or the Cortez, this shoe’s history isn’t exactly ancient. It is, however, memorable.

Though it’s technically a new entrant into adidas’s basketball category, the adidas T-Mac Millennium takes us back to 2004. The striping and some of that distinctive tooling is reminiscent of the T-Mac 3 – which happens to be on many hoopers’ list of all-time sneakers.

More specifically, this colorway is reminiscent of the 2004 All-Star Game, when Tracy showed up in a memorable Red and Blue colorway – exactly like what we see here. And of course, because he’s Tracy, the Hall of Fame guard was granting a remarkable show to everyone who attended – look up his off-the-backboard antics sometime.

Throwing Boost underneath these joints brings them even further into a modern context, promising elite impact protection. Get a look for yourself over here.

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