Nike Training is ready to drop two special edition drops of the Metcon 4 XD.

The shoes play off gym leader boards and chalk-scribbled floors:

Write your WOD time or weight lifted with dry-erase markers on the erasable back panels of the white Nike Metcon 4 XD. Green and blue lace aglets and heel caps complement the colorway.

Tally your reps and sets with chalk on the erasable back panels to of the black Nike Metcon 4 XD. Chalk-like pastel accents finish the look.

The gym shoes are touted as having enhanced durability and stability trough their use of a new pattern of strategically zoned haptic print.

The sneaker will launch on the 21st of February. However those in China can now find them through Nike members in Europe can get the kicks early on the 11th of February and members in North American get get them on the 14th of February.

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